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    01 June 2012, Volume 32 Issue 06
    Network and communications
    Enhanced hierarchical mobile IPv6 based on route optimized communication
    ZHOU Lian-ying
    2012, 32(06):  1491-1494.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01491
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    In Hierarchical Mobile IPv6(HMIPv6), even though there is a shorter route between Correspondent Node(CN) and Mobile Node(MN),all the packets between them are still be forword by Mobility Anchor Point(MAP),it brings needless system's consumption and delay on packet transmission,and its binding update process of inter-region handover which conduct orderly has a certain delay on binding update.Therefore,an enhanced HMIPv6 is proposed,in which route optimized communication technology is applied when the number ratio of packet transmission to binding update reach a given threshold;Simultaneously, the binding update process of inter-domain handover is improved.A mathematical performance analysis proved that this enhanced HMIPv6 has advantages in reducing system’s consumption, delay on packet transmission and binding update in contrast to HMIPv6.
    Topology control algorithm of wireless sensor network on based cellular automata
    REN Xiu-li DENG Cai-li
    2012, 32(06):  1495-1498.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01495
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    Concerning wireless sensor network applications and its own characteristics widely, Cellular Automata Topology Control algorithm (CATCA) is proposed by studying the cellular automata model in this paper. Non-clusters of topological control method is improved,and a topology control algorithm is proposed in communication of the node, the surplus energy control and improving the coverage, and extended to three dimensional space. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm makes improvement in the rest of the nodes number and the surplus energy properties of network compared with non-clusters of topological control method, so as to extend the system's survival time.
    Heuristic algorithm for minimum energy multicast in Ad Hoc networks with multi-radio multi-channel adaptive antennas
    JIANG Ai-lian YANG Xing-tong Wu Weili
    2012, 32(06):  1499-1502.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01499
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    To solve the problem of minimum energy multicast in energy-constraint wireless Ad hoc networks, the communication model of MR-MCAAs multi-beam antennas was constructed, and the formal definition of the problem of the minimum energy multicast with MR-MCAAs multi-beam antennas was given, and then proposed a heuristic algorithm for this NP-hard problem. The algorithm proposed the two possible strategies for beam reassignment to optimize the scheme of the beam assignment and beam transmitting of every node, and constructed the minimum energy multicast tree with MR-MCAAs multi-beam antennas. The algorithm has the time complexity of O(n3logn), where n denotes the number of nodes in the networks. The simulations show that the energy consumption of minimum energy multicast with 2–beam antennas reduced by 65~75 percent compared with the single beam directional antennas.
    Implementation of LTE spatial multiplexing based on FPGA
    DU Fang YUAN Ling LIU Li-cheng
    2012, 32(06):  1503-1505.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01503
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    Through the analysis of the LTE system in FPGA-based spatial multiplexing coding problem, and propose a implementation of a codebook-based precoding. According to the parameters of the upper informed carries on the table look-up in the mathematical table and the addition and subtraction relations table, the data of layer mapping first carries on coefficient multiplication, then add and subtract, thus this has replaced the complex matrix multiplication operation. Therefore this method can greatly reduce the complex matrix multiplication operation in the precoding procedure, and reduce the complexity of encoding process, improve the speed of the encoding operation. The experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithm can achieve a good system function.
    Improved approach for cooperative obstacle-avoidance in mobile wireless sensor network
    CHEN Zuo WAN Xin TU Yuan-yuan LI Ren-fa
    2012, 32(06):  1506-1512.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01506
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    Aiming at the research of the cooperative obstacle-avoidance tracing based on traditional flocking control model,which is proposed by Reynolds and implemented by Tanner, it has been improved by us and added the Steer to Avoid obstacle avoidance method. This model has a high efficiency in avoiding convex obstacle in tracking target. If the method is applied to the environment of concave obstacles, nodes will stuck in the concave zone and could not get out, because the target has an attraction power to nodes when it comes to a Steer to Avoid judgment. This paper proposed a new model for concave obstacles by further improving the Steer to Avoid method. Temporarily cancel the attraction from the target when it comes to a concave environment judgment, and then constantly searching the path along the edge of obstacles. Finally, nodes could get out of the concave obstacles and reach target. Simulation results showed that the proposed model,while compared to the traditional model, has a marked increase on average rate and time efficiency in avoiding obstacle. Also, it can succeed in avoiding mobile concave obstacles in unknown environment.
    Time synchronization algorithm based on hierarchical structure in wireless sensor network
    Tao Zhi-yong HU MING
    2012, 32(06):  1513-1515.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01513
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    Time synchronization is one of the key technologies for wireless sensor networks, and it plays an irreplaceable role for the work and development of the entire wireless sensor network. This paper proposed an improved Timingsync Protocol for Sensor Networks (TPSN) algorithm based on hierarchy. This algorithm took levelbroadcast in phase of level establishment, and a combined active and inactive twoway synchronization algorithm was used in phase of time synchronization, obtaining a relatively small cost of packet and system maintenance. This improved algorithm carried out timefrequency offset correction, and ensured the accuracy of the node. The improved TPSN algorithm not only enhances the accuracy of synchronization, but also saves the energy consumption for the network.
    Method to repair coverage holes based on wake-up mechanism in wireless sensor networks
    XU Chu-gui DENG Xiao-heng
    2012, 32(06):  1516-1518.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01516
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    The failed nodes lead to the phenomenon of coverage holes in wireless sensor networks, which is due to the exhausted energy and destroyed environment. In this paper, the Directed Furthest Node First Policy (DFNFP) is proposed to solve this problem. The method will repair coverage holes by the principle that the boundary nodes of coverage holes select from its neighbor table the non-active node farthest from the center to replace the failed node and activate the replacement node.The simulation results show DFNFP can maintain better quality of coverage, and make full use of energy resources, and extend lifetime of networks, moreover, DFNFP is superior to Best Fit Node Policy (BFNP) in average time and energy consumption for repairing the coverage holes.
    Distributed detection pilot jamming scheme against OFDM systems
    XIE Si-rui HUANG Kai-zhi JI Jiang
    2012, 32(06):  1519-1521.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01519
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    Because of the effect of channel and noise, the effect of the traditional pilot jamming scheme will decrease because of the phase deviation. In order to avoid the problem, this paper brings forward a novel scheme based on distribution detection. Firstly, detect the phase deviation of the jamming signal by the terminal distributed in the jamming area; then the result of the detection will be sent to the jamming signal transmitter, it will drive the jamming signal phase equal to the -radian offset of the transmitted pilot tone value. Simulations prove that the scheme is effective on decreasing the phase deviation of the jamming signal.
    Network performance data clustering method based on semantic description and optimization
    JIANG Da-qing ZHOU Yong XIA Shi-xiong
    2012, 32(06):  1522-1525.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01522
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    In order to improving the network quality of service by mining useful model from multi-source and complicated network performance data, a clustering analysis algorithm for network performance monitoring data based on ontology. The semantic description method of network performance monitoring data is described, then a similarity measurement model of network performance data based on semantic description and property data is proposed, and an NJW spectral clustering algorithm based on improved k-means algorithm is given. The experiments based on the UCI data sets and the performance monitoring data on a campus network shows that the proposed algorithm has a higher clustering accuracy and differentiation than the comparative algorithms.
    Graphics and image technology
    Fast three-dimensional Otsu image segmentation algorithm based on decomposition
    GONG Qu NI Lin TANG Ping-feng WANG Fei-fei
    2012, 32(06):  1526-1528.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01526
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    Abstract: Aiming at the weakness of the computational complexity and huge calculation of the three-dimensional Otsu, a fast three-dimensional Otsu image segmentation algorithm based on decomposition was presented in this paper. Firstly, the original three-dimensional Otsu algorithm was decomposed into three one-dimensional Otsu algorithms. Then, based on the one-dimensional Otsu algorithm, a novel algorithm with a new threshold recognition function was proposed, which combines between-class distance with within-class distance, and the fast realization method was also presented. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm does not only get satisfactory segmentation result, but also improves the calculation speed, which spends 1400 times less than the recursive algorithm for the three-dimensional Otsu method.
    Color image segmentation based on graph theory and uniformity measurement
    HUANG Shan-shan ZHANG Yong-liang XIAO Gang XIAO Jian-wei ZHANG Shen-xu
    2012, 32(06):  1529-1531.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01529
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    Efficient Graph-Based algorithm is a novel image segmentation method based on graph theory and it can segment an image at an extraordinary speed. However, it is easily influenced by the threshold value and the segmentation result is imprecise when dealing with the border and texture. Here, an improved algorithm is proposed, which has three main contributions: 1) RGB color space is replaced by Lab color space; 2) Laplacian operator is used to divide the edges of weighted graph into border edges and non-border edges, and those non-border edges are given priority; 3) the optimum threshold is evaluated based on uniformity measurement. Experimental results show that the improved algorithm is more accurate and adaptive than traditional Graph-based algorithms, and segmentation results are closer to human vision property.
    Background modeling based on credibility evaluation
    QU Zhi-yi TIAN Nan WEN Li-juan
    2012, 32(06):  1532-1535.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01532
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    Most existing algorithms analyze pixels separately, lead to misjudge in process slow-moving object and reciprocating-moving object. According to this, one new method is presented. This method evaluates the credibility of every pixel values as background by analyze the stability, appear frequency and spatial relations of one pixel value. Compare to existing algorithms, this algorithm not only adapt to environment changes and background disruption but also adapt to slow-moving object and reciprocating-moving object.
    Local feature based intelligent image fusion
    LI Ling-ling HUANG Qiu-yan YAN Cheng-xin
    2012, 32(06):  1536-1538.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01536
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    Local features measuring image clarity are studied. Energy of Laplacian (EOL) is considered as the optimal feature. An novel intelligent image fusion algorithm based on EOL is proposed. A set of registered images is firstly segmented, then local EOLs of segmented image blocks are computed. EOLs are input into neural network and the target vectors are automatically obtained by comparing values of EOLs. Test images are segmented and their EOLs are put into trained network and the rough fusion images are generated. Final fusion results will be obtained by consistence verification. Experimental results demonstrated the good fusion performance on different source images.
    Color block-histogram image retrieval based on difference degree of spatial distribution
    CHEN Xing TAN Jie-qing
    2012, 32(06):  1539-1543.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01539
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    Traditional method of color image retrieval based on color histogram has the advantages of simple calculation and scale is not sensitive to change. But the traditional approach has disadvantages: the spatial information of image is lost and the image feature dimension is high. In order to overcome the defects, this paper presents a new method of image retrieval, which based on the difference degree of spatial distribution. First, the image is split into blocks and the similarity of these blocks is formed; Second, the difference degree of spatial distribution is calculated, then the weight values of each partition are defined. Finally, the similarity in different branch module will be accumulated by weight to get the whole image similarity. Experiments show that this algorithm can overcome the disadvantages of the traditional method, and has better retrieval performance.
    Medical image fusion with multi-feature based on evidential theory in wavelet domain
    YAO Li-sha ZHAO Hai-feng LUO Bin ZHU Zhen-yuan
    2012, 32(06):  1544-1547.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01544
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    To address the uncertainty of weights selection in Multi-source medical image fusion process,the basic probability assignment function of the evidence is used to express decision result’s uncertainty based on Dempster-Shafer (DS) evidential theory.The detection image’s three features,which are regional variance, regional energy, regional information entropy,are used and normalized,then the basic probability assignment can be got according to the features.Image fusion rules with multi-feature based on DS evidence theory is used for high frequency components in wavelet domain. Energy of Laplace adaptive fusion rules is used for low frequency component in wavelet domain according to energy of Laplace. Experiments show that the proposed algorithm is superior to other fusion algorithms.It combines the advantages of multi-feature,reduces the uncertainty during the image fusion process and retains the details of the image in large extent.
    Semantic annotation based on image segmentation
    PENG Yan-fei SUN Lu
    2012, 32(06):  1548-1551.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01548
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    In order to effectively resolve the “semantic gap” exists in image retrieval, this paper studied a new method for semantic annotation. Based on image segmentation, the method constructed image dictionary during the training phase, through analysis and description of color, texture and wavelet contour, established the two-stage annotation model combining comparison of wavelet contour and probability, it adopted corresponding method for different images by phases. Experiment indicates the method can significantly improve recall ratio and precision ratio, the maximum of precision is 23.6%, results prove that the model can understand image better also has good annotation effect and retrieval performance.
    Image noise detection technology based on spatial domain
    YU Yan-fei ZHENG Quan WANG Song LI Wei YUAN Jing SUN Zhi-jun
    2012, 32(06):  1552-1556.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01552
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    Image quality detection technology can automatically detection the image abnormality in order to replace manual inspection methods for the monitoring system. It can accurately analyze abnormalities of the video, and alarm the system in order to ensure normal running of the expanding network video surveillance system. Noise detection technology based on the spatial domain use the image information of the field characteristics, profile and orientation distributions of various kinds of abnormal noise in spatial domain, and take advantage of OpenCV-based image processing technology achieving detection of noise points, snowflakes and stripes. The noise detection algorithm in spatial domain proposed, is consistent with human visual perception and can be used to monitoring video for real-time detection.
    Combinatorial optimization filter based on median filter and multi-scale filter
    XU Guo-bao YIN Yi-xin ZHOU Mei-juan XIE Shi-yi
    2012, 32(06):  1557-1559.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01557
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    Taking into account the relatively poor versatility and effectiveness of the general robot visual navigation filtering algorithm, and taking advantage of the existing the median filter and multi-scale adaptive fusion filter, a combinatorial optimization filter based on the median and multi-scale was proposed. Firstly, the algorithm uses the median filter, and then uses the multi-scale filter. Finally the filtered results are fused according to smallest mean absolute error criterion(MAE). Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can better filter out a variety of common noise for the robot road images, which enhances the versatility and effectiveness of the algorithm.
    Image recognition of agricultural products in supermarket based on multi-instance learning
    LUO Cheng-cheng LI Shu-qin TANG Jing-lei
    2012, 32(06):  1560-1562.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01560
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    A method of recognizing agricultural products image based on multi-instance learning is proposed for solving problems with which agricultural products selling in supermarket encounter. An improved Single Blob with Neighbors (SBN) method was adopted to organize bags and meanwhile extract features of an image. The target concept was learned by maximizing Diverse Density(DD) and applied to images’ recognition. Experiments were performed on both multi-class produce image dataset by self-collection and single-class produce image selected from Amsterdam Library of Object Image (ALOI). The experiments show that, the method is able to recognize multi-class produce images captured under various illumination conditions and distracters-scattered background. Compared with global method, the method can attain a higher recognition rate of 95.45%. The results indicate that recognition of produce image based on Multiple Instance Learning aims for aiding automatic sale in supermarket is feasible.
    Source camera identification using Noise variance and texture complexity analysis
    CHEN Zong-ming ZHOU Zhi-ping
    2012, 32(06):  1563-1566.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01563
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    In allusion to source camera identification, a novel method is proposed with noise variance and texture complexity analysis. Concerning CFA interpolation and wavelet-based denoising, the insufficiency of traditional methods for extracting pattern noise is discussed first. Afterwards, the discussion is focused on the new extraction method according to noise variance and removing complex textured areas using fuzzy clustering. Experiments show that the extracted pattern noise not only reflects camera’s pattern noise well, but also improves the average accuracy with 6.3% for identifying images from three different camera models.
    New method for fast image dehazing
    MA Jiang-feng YANG Zhong-bin BI Du-yan LI Quan-he
    2012, 32(06):  1567-1569.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01567
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    No method could be used to get the exact numbers of these variables in the original Koschmieder model, whose solution is an ill-posed problem. Thus, we propose a novel Koschmieder model whose solution is much easier, while the proposed model has something in common with Atmosphere Degradation Model. Then a novel method for fast image dehazing is proposed based on the proposed model, compared with the dehazing method proposed by He, the experimental results yields that out method could realize fast dehazing, while could keep the scene’s color constancy and get the same or even better contrast promotion
    Automatic extraction of bead-like particle regions of fly ash in scanning electron microscope images
    LI Ying-ying TAN Jie-qing ZHONG Jin-qin LI Yan
    2012, 32(06):  1570-1573.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01570
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    An unsupervised extraction method is proposed in order to extract bead-like particles regions of fly ash from scanning electron microscope image, which is based on region growing with gray similarity bounded by gradient and shape. The process is automatic, including seeds selecting , regions growing and shape distinguishing. The experimental error is measured by the acreage probability of missing segmentation and false segmentation. The minimum error rate of the experimental results is 6.8%, and the average error rate is 8%. The time of extraction from 60 SEM images is within 10 minutes. The method is effective for the content estimate of fly ash in the material.
    New approach of fabric defects detection based on saliency region feature
    ZHAO Bo Li-xin ZHENG PAN Xu-ling Kai-ting ZHOU XU Yuan-yuan
    2012, 32(06):  1574-1577.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01570
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    As the fabric defect type of diversity and traditional artificial detection methods inefficient ,in order to detect the fabric defect more effective, A new approach, SGE, based on saliency region feature for fabric defect detection is studied. In this approach, the original image is divided into two parts, one extracts the saliency region feature of fabric defect by improved FSR roughly, another employing the gabor filter and taking the amplitude as an output characteristics, and extracts the saliency region feature of fabric defect by PSR accurately, then by using maximum entropy to segment the saliency region respectively and fused the sub-images. The result is get got by calculating perimeter and area of the contours to removal the isolated points. The experiment selects four types of typical fabric defect images and OpenCV library is used. The experiment result shows that the algorithm, without prior learning,meet the real-time.
    Human action recognition based on cascaded structure
    PENG Jiang-ping
    2012, 32(06):  1578-1580.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01578
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    video-based human action recognition has received much attention recently in computer vision while it is a very challenging research with many applications such as automatic behavior analysis, visual surveillance and human-computer interaction. A human action recognition method based on cascaded structure is proposed in this paper. Firstly, a trajectory-based method is proposed to select the interest points detected by the Dollar detector, which is sensitive to image noise, camera movement and zooming. Therefore, the pseudo interest points in the background can be effectively excluded and the extracted features will be more relevant to action recognition. Secondly, an automatic feature selection method based on the combination of normalized cuts and mRMR criteria is used to determine a subset of the words generated by the Bag-of-Words model and construct a cascaded structure for action recognition. The purpose is to make the feature used by the cascaded structure more distinctive. Lastly, the promising experimental results validate our contribution to the improvement of accuracy in human action recognition.
    Moving vehicle detection in complex environments
    FU Shen-wen
    2012, 32(06):  1581-1584.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01581
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    A new vehicle detection method is proposed, according to the advantages and disadvantages of the currently used vehicle detection methods. The proposed method can eliminate the effects of shadow interference. Firstly, obtain the interested area by background subtraction using selective background updates method. Then, do re-segmentation for the interested area via the proposed regional segmentation algorithm based on graph. Global and local space information of the video image is under fully consideration, so the algorithm can adaptively and automatically adjust the ignored degree for image local details according to the size of the segmentation area, and get segmentations whose local area pixel information is more uniform. Finally, based on the Markov property during video image segmentation, construct the segmentation posterior probability distribution by conditional random field method. By calculating the maximum posterior probability, determine the label, and merge the adjacent segmentations having same label.
    Video-based method for highway traffic flow detection
    WANG Xiao-peng GUO Li-qiong
    2012, 32(06):  1585-1588.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01585
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    Video-based traffic flow detection systems are easily influenced by background changing and vehicle shadows. A method for traffic flow detection using self-adaptive background difference and shadow removing is proposed. First, the adaptive background model is constructed and used to extract image background; and then interested vehicles are detected from video candidate area by self-adaptive background difference. Changes the difference image into binary image by given thresholding, and fill the holes within the extracted objects using morphological reconstruction by erosion. Second, according the fact that the gray value of the shadow area is less than that of the vehicle area, sweep the binary image object along the direction from shadow area to vehicles area, and compare the conjoint pixel gray value of the original gray image in the same position. By this way, most vehicle shadows can be removed. Simulations show that this method can efficiently detect the highway traffic flow and is less influenced by vehicle shadows and background changing.
    Clothing simulation with classified strain limiting
    Xiang Yu HOU Jin XU Fang WU Ling
    2012, 32(06):  1589-1593.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01589
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    This paper proposes a classified strain limiting method which deals with unreal stretch deformation in clothing simulation with physical-based mass-spring model. The method primarily include two processing module. The first module is classification. it uses velocity computed by integrating system as input parameters first, and then judges some point whether needs strain limiting by the energy method, finally through the judged result divides point set into two types : needing strain limiting and not. The second module is strain limiting. It defines the threshold value of spring deformation and three variables for representing the restrictive proportions in principal strain direction, and then by the line strain theory computes the strain tensor of spring, finally obtains specific restrictive proportions and updates the position of corresponding point. The method could guarantee natural simulation results and eliminate unreal stretch deformation, and does not require all elements of the strain limiting for processing, reducing the computational cost to ensure real-time. Results indicate that the method have good effect and efficiency.
    Uygur handwriting identification based on edgestroke feature structure
    ZHANG Wei-yu KAMIL Moydi
    2012, 32(06):  1594-1597.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01594
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    According to the features of Uygur letters, the author posed a method of identifying the stroke edge quantification model of handwriting. On the basis of extracting edge image, a text-independent, direction and length-dependent feature structure vector model was set up on the four-class angles tendency of Uygur letter handwriting edge in using the basic stroke concept of “horizontal, vertical, left-descending and right-descending strokes”. The author counted all feature structures of local windows to obtain the probability density feature vector of the edge stroke, used weighted and unweighted distance formulas to get the handwriting feature vector distance between identification and reference samples and judged candidate writers by sorting vector distance. With a relative strong practicability, this method can describe local feature and style of Uygur letter handwriting commendably and achieve better identifying results.
    Spot color separation of printing images based on fuzzy rules
    YANG Ling ZHONG Yun-fei WANG Bin
    2012, 32(06):  1598-1600.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01598
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    The existing technology of color separation, especially the spot color separation, can no longer meet the requirements of prepress processing efficiency or printing quality.Aimed at this situation, the fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm(FCM) was put forward. The algorithm, based on the classification of pixels, carried fuzzy clustering on the grayscale of images in order to get image clustering center at first, and then put each pixel to the corresponding category according to the grayscale of each pixel and the maximum membership degree. Experimental result shows that image segmentation based on fuzzy rules is intuitive and easy to realize and has achieved a good segmentation effect.
    3D visualization algorithm of color gradual interpolation for mine pre-warning data sets
    QIU Xing-guo WANG Bo-hui
    2012, 32(06):  1601-1604.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01601
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    In order to solve the mine early warning information expression is not completely, data statistics analysis based on the vision to work hard, warning data set problems such as confused,a color gradual interpolation 3 d visualization algorithm for mine early warning data sets were proposed.In this algorithm,fist of all,the 3 d space model were constructed according to point position and measured value information of mine early warning data sets,then, mine early warning data sets and color space model was color mapping and were hierarchically divided for three dimensional space according to gray level and color space mapping relationship of the system, each layer were coded for 3 d visualization of false image based on mine early warning data sets according to the false image coding algorithm and color clustering parameters characteristics, the last, smooth transition of adjacent layer by processingfor the false image according to colour gradual interpolation algorithm. The experimental results show that the method of mine monitoring data processing false image color rendering sense of strong, colour smooth transition, can satisfy the mine early warning data sets information expression.
    Information security
    Efficient key management protocol based on matrix space
    ZHANG Cai-xia CHENG Liang-lun WANG Xiang-dong
    2012, 32(06):  1605-1608.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01605
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    Application of improved RSA algorithm in wireless sensor network
    DU Zhi-guo HU Da-hui
    2012, 32(06):  1609-1612.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01609
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    Public key cryptosystems in wireless sensor network key management existing slow calculation, energy consumption and other issues, an improved RSA public-key algorithm is applied to which, in guarantee the key security and reduce computation. In the new algorithm, using the Chinese Remainder Theorem for integer factorization,using Montgomery algorithm for modular exponentiation of large numbers of public-key algorithm to improve the efficiency. Experiments show that in the new method the computation reduced by 55%, 21% of the life cycle of nodes increased, 67% storage space requirements reduced. It is more suitable for low computing and energy limited node in wireless sensor networks.
    New key pre-distribution scheme for wireless sensor networks
    MU Ying-ying WANG Cai-fen
    2012, 32(06):  1613-1615.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01613
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    In symmetrical polynomials of random key pre-distribution scheme, a safety mechanism was provided for the nodes communication, however, there are problems of t threshold properties. In order to well solve this problem, and to improve the safety threshold value of network and nodes ability of anti-trapping, this paper use common trivariate polynomial instead of binary symmetrical polynomial to build communication among nodes, and use one-way function to process the value of the sharing secret, enhancing the difficulty of cracking secret keys. Meanwhile, this scheme employs hexagon-based deployment mode,enhancing the safe connectivity rates of the network, meanwhile reducing the range that influenced by captured node. The analysis results show that this scheme has higher anti-destroying ability and security,also reducing the overhead of communication among nodes.
    Multi-factor trust model for wireless sensor networks
    LIU Yan-fei PENG Xin-guang
    2012, 32(06):  1616-1619.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01616
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (625KB) ( )  
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    For the problem that there are multiple factors affect the node trust, this paper proposes node routing vector threshold; based on RFSN(Reputation-based framework for high integrity sensor networks) model,multiple factors trust model for wireless sensor networks is established by using routing vector threshold. Communication trust, energy trust and routing vector trust are all considered during the computation of node trust in this model. It could objectively show the degree of trust of a node and respond a variety of security threats which wireless sensor networks encountered. Simulation results show that the model can more accurately identify the node trust, detect the malicious node early and prolong the networks' lifetime.
    Detection of denial of service and network probing attacks based on principal component analysis
    LI Jie-ying SHAO Chao
    2012, 32(06):  1620-1622.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01620
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (623KB) ( )  
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    To solve the problem of detecting Denial of Service (DoS) and network probing attacks, a new method based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was proposed in this paper. PCA was done on both attack and normal traffic to collect various statistics, and then the detection model was constructed based on these statistics. At last, this paper utilized the threshold of the statistics to achieve a fixed rate of false alarms. The experimental results show that this approach can detect DoS and network probing attacks effectively, and yield 99 percent detection rate; in addition, security masters can make responses in time and the responses can reduce the loss under real-time attacks.
    Portrait image based on random sequence generator
    TAN Yang TANG De-quan TANG Zhao-yi
    2012, 32(06):  1623-1626.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01623
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (838KB) ( )  
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    Random sequence as the basis for information security, the quality depends on its use of random source, how to get high-quality random source research in the field of information security is one of the difficulties. Portrait facial features through the use of the difference and get (shoot) random process, a new image as a random source of portraits of random sequence generation methods; through the image acquisition process and the human biological characteristics of random noise a combination of random source. Simulation tests show that this method does not have a random sequence generated by linear correlation and nonlinear correlation, with excellent uniformity and FIPS PUB 140-2 and NIST 800-22 test pass rates to meet the needs of information security, and the method is simple and easy to implement.
    Improved artificial immune intrusion detection model
    WANG Bo LIU Jiu-jun
    2012, 32(06):  1627-1631.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01627
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (785KB) ( )  
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    An improved artificial immune intrusion detection model is proposed based on ARTIS(Artificial Immune System)--a distributed intrusion detection model proposed by Hofmeyr. It aims to overcome defects of the existing artificial immune IDS. To improve the quality and reduce the scale of memory and mature detector, the improved model uses the protocol analysis technology to make co-stimulation of the immune module. The protocols are taken into account while generating and organizing detectors, so the inefficiency of traditional AIS can be covered. Weight based r-continuous matching rules are taken to improve matching accuracy of the antibody-antigen reactions. Meanwhile, the co-stimulation module can automatically generate dynamic filter rules for firewall when Flood attack occurs. Finally, we have a simulation test and comparative analysis on improved model and ARTIS model by using DARPA data sets owned by MIT Lincoln lab and the results evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of our improved model.
    Anomaly detection model based on support vector machine and Bayesian classification
    WU Wei-dong
    2012, 32(06):  1632-1635.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01632
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (821KB) ( )  
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    Through the research for the type of network attack and the intrusion detection method,the fact that the normal intrusion detection method is not good enough for detecting U2R and R2L was found. To improve the detection rate of anomaly detection system for U2R and R2L, an anomaly detection model based on support vector machines and Bayesian classifying was suggested. In order to reduce the redundant records in the training data , the BIRCH clustering algorithm is used, besides, the detection model applys SVM for detecting DoS and Probe and uses Bayesian classifying to detect U2R and R2L. Experimental results show that the proposed model can improve obviously detection rate for U2R and R2L.
    Reliable and double-blind IP covert timing channel
    GUAN Xing-xing WANG Chang-da LI Zhi-guo BO Zhao-jun
    2012, 32(06):  1636-1639.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01636
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (628KB) ( )  
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    To solve the problem that the existing IP covert timing channel need to make agreed the encoding scheme between the information and IP packet timing interval, can’t dynamic adjustment of double-blind according to the network transmission quality in the process of sending and receiving, a double-blind dynamic adjustment strategy what is used to negotiate IP covert timing channel encoding scheme is proposed. By segmenting the network environment and depending on the dynamic network environment, the strategy selected the default encoding scheme, achieved double-blind dynamic adjustment of encoding scheme between sender and receiver. In order to verify the reliability of strategy, the experimental environment of covert timing channel is constructed. The results show that the proposed method can achieve double-blind dynamic adjustment between sender and receiver.
    Analysis on stability of continuous chaotic systems
    LIU Jing-lin FENG Ming-ku
    2012, 32(06):  1640-1642.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01640
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (444KB) ( )  
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    The notion of k-error exhaustive entropy is proposed, which is based on exhaustive entropy used to measure the strength of random-like property of chaotic sequences, and its two basic properties are proved. Then the method is used to analyze the stability of random-like property of three common continuous chaotic systems, such as Lorenz system, R?ssler system, and Chua’s system. Simulation results show that the approach can reflect the random essence of continuous chaotic system and Chua’s system is better than Lorenz system and R?ssler system as the source of randomness.
    Chaotic dynamic disturbance algorithm based on RFID system
    TANG You LU Yuan-yuan ZAHANG Yi-wei
    2012, 32(06):  1643-1645.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01643
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (575KB) ( )  
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    Focusing on the information security and implementation of RFID systems, this paper analyzed the chaotic dynamics of the linear feedback shift register and the piecewise Logistic mapping, then presented a RFID encryption algorithm combined with chaotic dynamical disturbance. The information was encrypted by the key generated by chaotic sequence generator before being transmitted, then the ciphertext feedback and dynamical disturbance would generate the next key. The analysis and simulation shows that the algorithm is safe, easy to be implemented and so on.
    Image encryption algorithm based on improved ergodic matrix and pixel value diffusion
    WANG Ji-jun
    2012, 32(06):  1646-1649.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01646
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (825KB) ( )  
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    In order to improve the randomness and safety of the ergodic matrix and effective protect image information, a new image encryption method was proposed based on the ergodic matrix and pixel value diffusion. First, the input image was permuted independently by using the ergodic matrixes which were generated by discrete chaotic system. And then pixel value diffusion was realized by a uniformly distributed chaotic sequence. The statistical properties of the image got changed and the chaotic mapping was made irreversible; Finally, password generation mechanism was constructed to not only comply with usage of cryptography, but also to enhance usability. A relatively complete encryption system was built up to achieve the image encryption. The security had been analyzed using statistical analysis, key sensitivity analysis, differential analysis, key space analysis, etc. The results demonstrate that the algorithm has good properties of confusion,diffusion and statistic distribution of pixel value, so the algorithm has better scrambling effect in comparison with other approaches. It is safe and practical and easy to realize.
    Implementation of encryption and authentication on VLIW DSP
    XU Jie MA Jun-ping HE Hu
    2012, 32(06):  1650-1653.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01650
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (517KB) ( )  
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    Considering the data security and integrity on the processing of HD video data stream transmission, acrypto DSP with special implementation for DES, SHA1, MD5, RSA are introduced. In order to improve the performance and decrease the cost, the DSP has 11 pipeline stages, and two parallel execution clusters (each cluster contains 3 function units). In order to improve throughput, special instructions are customized for complex operations. The methods of realizing the symmetrical encryption, public-key encryption and authentication algorithm based on such DSP are presented. In order to improve the throughput, The simulation experiment results show that the performance can well satisfy the requirement of real time HD video data stream applications.
    Artificial intelligence
    Cluster boundary detection technology for categorical data
    QIU Bao-zhi WANG Bo
    2012, 32(06):  1654-1656.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01654
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (648KB) ( )  
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    With the wide application of categorical-attribute dataset, the demand of obtaining the cluster boundary of categorical-attribute dataset becomes more and more urgent. In order to get cluster boundaries, the individual proposed a categorical-attribute data boundary detection algorithm: CBORDER(Categorical dataset BORDER detection algorithm) In this algorithm, firstly, initializing the center of cluster by using random allocation and utilizing boundary-degree to partition clusters, at the same time, we get the evidence of capturing boundary recorders. Then, basing on the evidence accumulation, we execute the above procedure repeatedly to acquire the boundaries of clusters at the end. Multi-experimental results demonstrate that CBORDER detect boundaries of the high dimension categorical data efficiently.
    Information granularity in interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information systems
    YANG Wei-ping LIN Meng-lei
    2012, 32(06):  1657-1661.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01657
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (776KB) ( )  
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    Granular Computing is an emerging conceptual in information processing. It plays an important role in information processing for fuzzy, uncertainty. Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information granularity is an important tool, to measure the uncertainty of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information systems. Based on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information systems, this paper constructs intersection, union, subtraction and complement four operators among granular structures, introduces three new partial order relations in interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information systems and establishes the relationships among them. It defines an interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information granularity and an axiomatic approach to interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information granularity in interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information systems. Finally, it investigates the properties of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information granularity.
    Web data extraction based on edit distance
    HUANG Liang ZHAO Ze-mao LIANG Xing-kai
    2012, 32(06):  1662-1665.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01662
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (607KB) ( )  
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    Div + CSS is popular in Web page layout. In this layout, a lot of data records of Web pages gather in a layer in the form of repetition structure. To mine data from Web well, this paper proposed a new kind of Web data mining algorithm, computed tree edit distance through string edit distance, improved string edit distance algorithm,used string edit distance to access similarity between one tree and another, and then found repeated patterns in Web pages and mined data. By testing pages of different features of repeated patterns, this algorithm is proved to extract Web data successfully with the feature whether the root and upper layer nodes are the same or the lowest layer nodes are the same.
    New page ranking algorithm based on website force
    ZHANG Fang GUO Chang-ying
    2012, 32(06):  1666-1669.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01666
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (650KB) ( )  
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    The traditional sorting algoritm merely works on interlinks among web pages while putting aside the mutually reinforcing relationship between sites and pages and user evaluation of the web pages. A novel page ranking algorithm is developed to analyze update time, web-based authority and user reflected. The algorithm reckoned on a website node for each site authoritative value, in the webpage distribution authority value considered the webpage at the site location and the users of its reflection, and through the website and the webpage interact relationship to mutual feedback. The experimental results show that, compared with the traditional PageRank、HITS and other ranking algorithm, the algorithm has obvious improvement in retrieval performance.
    Generalized incremental manifold learning algorithm based on local smoothness
    ZHOU Xue-yan HAN Jian-min ZHAN Yu-bin
    2012, 32(06):  1670-1673.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01670
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (711KB) ( )  
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    Most of existing manifold learning algorithms are not capable of dealing with new arrival samples. Although some incremental algorithms are developed via extending a specified manifold learning algorithm, most of them have some disadvantages more or less. In this paper, a novel and more Generalized Incremental Manifold Learning algorithm based on local smoothness is proposed (GIML). GIML algorithm first extracts the local smoothness structure of data set via local PCA. Then the optimal linear transformation, which transforms the local smoothness structure of new arrival sample’s neighborhood to its corresponded low-dimensional embedding coordinates, is computed. Finally the low-dimensinal embedding coordinates of new arrival samples are obtained by the optimal transformation. Extensive and systematic experiments are conducted on both artificial and real image data sets. Experimental results demonstrate that our GIML algotithm is an effective incremental manifold learning algorithm and outperforms other existing algirthms.
    Multi-modal function optimization based on immune quantum genetic algorithm
    XU Xue-song WANG Si-chun
    2012, 32(06):  1674-1677.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01674
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (589KB) ( )  
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    Aim to balance the problem of global optimal and local optimal in multi-modal function, an improved quantum genetic algorithm with immune operator is introduced. It carries both the quality of celerity of common quantum genetic algorithm and the quality of global searching of immune clone algorithm. It not only overcomes the flaw of the common quantum genetic algorithm which relapses into local optimum result but also avoids the flaw of the common immune clone algorithm which computes slowly. With the experiment of the global optimization of the multimodal function, the result indicates that this algorithm can settle the problem of searching the global optimization result in given range with faster speed and better result ,and it also shows us that it gets more robust stability compared to the common genetic algorithm and the common quantum genetic algorithm.
    Computation on orientation for subjective sentence based on sentiment words ontology
    WANG Xiao-dong WANG Juan ZHANG Zheng
    2012, 32(06):  1678-1681.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01678
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (774KB) ( )  
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    How to effectively extract the subjective information of a sentence, calculate the orientation of the subjective sentence, and analyze the fine-grained sentiment orientation, has become a hot research topic. A kind of analytical method was proposed based on sentiment words ontology, and rules were created through analyzing the semantic content of sentences. The 3-POS model was put forward to identify the subjective sentences, and the orientation value of a subjective sentence was calculated according to emotional vocabulary ontology and rules. The experimental results show that the accuracy of distinguishing and calculating the orientation of subjective sentences is 81.02 percent by using the proposed model.
    Modified adaptive genetic algorithms for solving 0/1 knapsack problems
    WANG Na XIANG Feng-hong MAO Jian-lin
    2012, 32(06):  1682-1684.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01682
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (486KB) ( )  
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    0/1 Knapsack Problems is a typical optimization problem in Operations Research, Genetic Algorithms is one of the most commonly evolutionary algorithms used to solve the problems. This paper proposed an improved adaptive genetic algorithm. In this algorithm, we introduce the evolution number into the crossover probability and mutation probability formula、improve the crossover operator and mutation operator, and add a pattern replacement operation. The simulation results show that, the solution speed and the optimal solution have greatly improved with our algorithms.
    Question classification in restricted domain using syntactic parsing-based quadratic-Bayesian model
    JI Yu WANG Rong-bo CHEN Zhi-qun
    2012, 32(06):  1685-1687.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01685
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (611KB) ( )  
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    In this paper, a new method using syntactic parsing-based quadratic-bayesian model was proposed to perform question classification in Chinese restricted domain. In this method, firstly, the shallow syntactic parsing on Chinese question sentences is performed. Secondly, the subject-predicate structures of all parsed question sentences, as well as interrogative words and their adjunctive parts, are extracted as the features in our constructed classifier, which greatly reduces the noise information. Thirdly, an advanced Quadratic-Bayesian classification model for question classification in restricted domain is constructed. The experimental results show that the proposed question classification method is feasible in restricted domain with the average classification precisions of coarse classes and fine classes reach 89.66% and 84.13% respectively.
    Deep Web query interface schema matching based on matching degree and semantic similarity
    FENG Yong ZHANG Yang
    2012, 32(06):  1688-1691.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01688
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (620KB) ( )  
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    Query interface schema matching is a key step in Deep Web data integration. Dual Correlated Mining (DCM) is able to make full use of association mining method to solve the problems of complex interface schema matching. There are some problems about DCM, such as inefficiency and inaccuracy in matching. Therefore, a new method based on matching degree and semantic similarity was presented in this paper to solve the problems. Firstly, the method used correlation matrix to save the association relationship among attributes; and then, matching degree was applied to calculate the degree of correlation between attributes; at last, semantic similarity was used to ensure the accuracy of final results. The experimental results on BAMM data sets of University of Illinois show that the proposed method has higher precision and efficiency than DCM and improved DCM, and indicate that the method can deal with the query interface schema matching problems very well.
    Fault diagnostic method of elevator control system based on finite state machine
    BAO Jian WEI Li-na ZHAO Jian-yong
    2012, 32(06):  1692-1695.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01692
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (613KB) ( )  
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    The soft fault samples of the elevator control system are difficult to obtain and their generated time is always short. To solve the problem, this paper proposed a fault diagnosis method based on Finite State Machine (FSM). The switch variables and analog variables of elevator were taken as the state characteristics of FSM. The diagnostic system collected and recorded various states and transitions between states during the normal operation of elevator. Base on this operation a specification model of elevator control system could be built. To detect and diagnose faults of elevator control system, the passive test error detect algorithm based on FSM was adopted and optimized. The last step was to verify new faults and complete the specification model. Experimental results show this method can not only detect unknown situations timely, but also diagnose known faults effectively; the method plays a good supervisory role to the transient soft faults of elevator control system.
    Advanced computing
    Method for monitoring and evaluating OWS' availability and performance:a case study of OGC WMS
    MIAO Li-zhi SHI Xiang-long
    2012, 32(06):  1696-1699.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01696
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (769KB) ( )  
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    Open geospatial consortium Web Services (OWS) are essential parts for the national and global geospatial data infrastructure construction and have been increasingly adopted to publish the geographic data through the Internet for sharing and interoperation. However, these services are widely dispersed and hard to be recovered once they are inaccessible or need long response time. Focusing on the availability and performance of the OWS, a dynamic task-planning model was generated for monitoring OWS. And, a model-based monitoring workflow and an evaluation model were proposed including evaluation factors and weights. Based on the above models, a special prototype was developed to monitor the services statuses dynamically and evaluate performance considering the history accessibility records. An experiment of Web Map Service (WMS) was done to demonstrate the abilities of the developed prototype system.
    Switched optimization algorithm of piecewise contractive path
    ZHU Geng WANG Bin
    2012, 32(06):  1700-1703.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01700
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (570KB) ( )  
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    For the puzzle of sufficiency conditions on asymptotical stability of the switched systems, a piecewise contractive path searching algorithm was given out. The paper analyzed the rules of switched control on the contractive path. The least length and weighted average contractive paths and peak value control algorithms were put forward by optimizing the general contractive path’s switched control. Some instances were simulated and optimized by Matlab procedures. The optimal parameters were found and the switched experiment data were analyzed and compared, which showed the stability and convergence under different optimal algorithms.
    Parameter estimation for reaction kinetics model based on composite genetic algorithm
    LONG Wen JIAO Jian-jun XU Song-jin
    2012, 32(06):  1704-1706.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01704
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (624KB) ( )  
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    Through establishing an appropriate fitness function, the parameter estimation problem for residue hydrofining reaction kinetics model was formulated as a multi-dimensional functional optimization problem, which can be solved by Composite Genetic Algorithm (CGA). Chaotic sequences design method was introduced to construct the initialization population that was scattered uniformly over the entirely search space in order to maintain the diversity. The CGA randomly combined several effective crossover strategies with some suitable mutation strategies at each generation to create new offspring individuals. The simulation results on four benchmark problems demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed algorithm. Taking a catalytic cracking unit in oil refinery as an example, a numerical application of the parameter estimation for residue hydrofining reaction kinetics model was solved. Satisfactory results were obtained.
    Indirect adaptive robust predictive control of robotic manipulators based on uncertain parameter approximation
    LI Gui-qiu CHEN Zhi-wang
    2012, 32(06):  1707-1712.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01707
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (885KB) ( )  
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    In order to make the robotic manipulators system track well and strong disturbance-opposing ability under the circumstance of parametric uncertainty and external disturbance, the indirect adaptive robust predictive control method is presented. The nonlinear robust predictive controller is designed based on the robotic manipulators system. Then, The cubic spline functions controller is constructed to approximate the unknown terms in the predictive control law caused by system model uncertainties. And the D-controller is added into the control law to inhibit the external disturbance effectively. It is proved that the proposed controller can make the tracking error converge to the origin. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the method.
    File prefetching with multiple prefetching points in multithreading environment
    LIU Jin HU Chuang HU Ming GONG Yi-li
    2012, 32(06):  1713-1716.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01713
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (803KB) ( )  
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    To solve the problem that the prefetching algorithm of the current Linux kernel might mistakenly prefetch blocks under the circumstances of multithreading, according to the characteristics of disk file reading in a multi-threaded environment, this paper proposed a file prefetching algorithm with multiple prefetching points. On the basis of the original prefetching algorithm and in combination with the data access patterns of applications, the algorithm was implemented on the page caching layer of Linux. Through the experiments and analysis with IOzone, this proposed algorithm showed comparable performance with the existing algorithm of Linux in the single threaded environment and in a multithreaded one, and it took less time by 1/3 at least. The proposed algorithm helps to improve the I/O parallelism, thereby enhancing the entire computer system parallelism.
    Computer software technology
    Web service evolution framework based on hybrid co-evolution algorithm
    WANG Meng LI Shu-yu
    2012, 32(06):  1717-1720. 
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (603KB) ( )  
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    In order to selecte the web services which meet the request in the evolution of Web services efficiently , we propose a web services evolution strategy based on hybrid co-evolutionary algorithm. First of all, by means of the improved fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm, we classify the web services unit into groups according to the application, and then making the internal prioritizing for each subgroup using Particle Swarm Optimization with weights. Finally the co-evolution operation will be executed among the particle subgroups so as to fulfil the users requests and select the best Web services evolution combination. The experimental results show that the hybrid co-evolutionary algorithm is superior to the traditional co-evolutionary algorithms not only in stability, but also the operation cost of time, and could provide quality and efficient services to the service requests in the web environment.
    Design and implementation of IAP on-line upgrading technology based on software trigger
    JIANG Jian-chun WANG Zheng-shu FENG Hui-zong LIU Tao
    2012, 32(06):  1721-1723.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01721
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (474KB) ( )  
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    In view of the requirement of convenience and fast speed of automobile ECU online upgrading, by researching the CAN bus communication as well as the IAP technology, the online upgrading method is designed based on software trigger. This method achieves the rapid online upgrading of ECU in automobile network by sending the instruction through online upgrading software to communicate with CAN bus. Thus it solves the operation inflexibility brought by the hardware trigger during the online upgrading. The upgrading system uses STM8AF51AA micro controller as the platform, and is implemented and applied in automotive BCM controller, which verifies the feasibility and reliability of this technology.
    Hadoop-based storage architecture for mass MP3 files
    ZHAO Xiao-yong YANG Yang SUN Li-li CHEN Yu
    2012, 32(06):  1724-1726.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01724
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (431KB) ( )  
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    MP3 as the de facto standard for digital music, the number of files is quite large and user access requirements rapidly grow up. How to effectively store and manage vast amounts of MP3 files to provide good user experience has become a matter of bigger concern. The emergence of Hadoop provides us with new ideas. However, because Hadoop itself is not suitable for handling massive small files, this paper presented a Hadoop-based storage architecture for massive MP3 files, fullly using the MP3 file’s rich metadata. The classification algorithm by pre-processing module would merged small files into sequence file, and the introduction of efficient indexing mechanism served as a good solution to the problem of small files. The experimental results show that the approach can achieve a better performance.
    Dalvik virtual machine performance improvement based on hybrid concurrent model
    LI Qian XIAO Ping
    2012, 32(06):  1727-1729.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01727
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (598KB) ( )  
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    To improve Dalvik virtual machine performance, a hybrid concurrent model based on multi-thread mechanism for Java virtual machine was proposed. This model implemented performance optimization by overlapping the production of native code with program execution through multi-thread control and hot-function table, and some critical issues in the design and implementation were also discussed. The experimental results show that this model can improve the Java execution speed efficiently in Dalvik.
    Implementation of precision timed instructions for systems processors in cyber-physical
    GAO Zhen-hua YANG Fan CHEN Wen-jie CHAI Zhi-lei
    2012, 32(06):  1730-1733.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01730
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (637KB) ( )  
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    The physical processes is inherently concurrent and real-time, so to express these characteristics is required when developing Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). While the traditional computing model for the convenience of the user logic description, along with the abstract degree rise, description on the time characteristic was gradually discarded. On the basis of the embedded Java processor JPOR-32, a clock register and a clock counter were added for the CPS applications in this paper, and combined with the exception mechanisms, four time instructions were extended to face different requirements of the temporal characteristics, which enabled the user to control the time accurately according to different demands. Finally, the feasibility, validity and accuracy of this time control mechanism have been verified by analyzing the running results of the image processing program that uses time instructions in the CPS.
    Improved program evaluate review technique based on particle swarm optimization algorithm
    WANG Ruo-yang XIONG Xuan-dong ZHANG Liang-zhong WANG Song-feng
    2012, 32(06):  1734-1737.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01734
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (586KB) ( )  
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    Abstract:To the blemish of PERT in the project plan management, this thesis introduces a kind of optimization arithmetic which is called PSO and offers an advanced technique to PERT on PSO. This technique using the method of treating with the time of the tasks in project and the theory of PSO made a advantage to the traditional PERT. The experimental results show that the technique show a more advantage, more exact ration controlling standard, can get better controlling and regulating ability to the whole project process compared with the traditional PERT.
    Mutual information-based feature selection approach for software defect prediction
    WANG Pei JIN Cong GE He-he
    2012, 32(06):  1738-1740.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01738
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (452KB) ( )  
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    Predicting defect-prone software modules accurately and effectively is an important way to control the quality of a software system during software development. Feature selection can highly improve the accuracy and efficiency of the software defect prediction model. A mutual information-based feature selection method for software defect prediction is proposed. The optimal feature subsets generated by the proposed approach were applied to train and test various prediction models. The experiment results show that all the classifiers achieve higher accuracy and performance by using the feature subset provided by proposed approach.
    Typical applications
    Genetic algorithm with master-slave structure for forklift truck dispatching in bulk cargo logistics
    ZHANG Wei-cun KANG Kai CUI Ting-yu
    2012, 32(06):  1741-1744.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01741
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (746KB) ( )  
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    In Port bulk cargo logistics, Reasonable forklift truck operation considering forklift truck capacity constraints will improve the operational efficiency of the whole and increase customers’ satisfaction. A Genetic Algorithm with Master-slave structure is proposed to solve the forklift truck with capacity constraints dispatching in port bulk cargo logistics. First, a mathematical model is built for the goal to shorten trucks’ time from arriving to leaving the yard on the base that a forklift truck with capacity constraints will serve a truck and a truck must be served by one forklift. Then, a real coded Genetic Algorithm with Master-slave structure and its decode method are proposed after the analysis of forklifts with capacity constraints and trucks. In additions, when coded in slave structure, Heuristic rules and penalty function is designed in order to avoid infeasible solutions. Finally, a application example is used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. And the Gantt Chart is used to show the optimal strategy when dispatching trucks with capacity constraints.
    Emergency resources scheduling on continuous consumption system with uncertain rescue time
    WEI Guo-qiang YU Chao
    2012, 32(06):  1745-1748.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01745
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (585KB) ( )  
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    In this paper, the problem of emergency resources scheduling on Generalized Continuous Consumption System with Uncertain Rescue Time is discussed. In order to describe the continuous request and design effective and practical algorithm, the continuous consumption In this paper, the problem of emergency resources scheduling on generalized continuous consumption system with uncertain rescue time was discussed. In order to describe the continuous request and design effective and practical algorithm, the continuous consumption satisfied degree model was established. Corresponding scheduling scheme, the probable duration of supply disruption was listed for reference. In light of emergency system given permitted duration of supply disruption, the scheduling model of permitted discontinuity duration was formulated. The relation between consumption continuity constraint and the earliest emergency start-time objective was harmonized. Finally, simulation examples illustrate the rationality of the model and the efficiency of the algorithm proposed in this paper.
    Fuzzy programming model of supplier selection based on network reputation
    JIANG Hua LU Zhi-gang
    2012, 32(06):  1749-1752.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01749
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    Based on network reputation, an integrated supplier selection problem was studied by using uncertainty theory. Firstly, the linear weight method was used to calculate the scores of suppliers according to their different reputation attributes. Secondly, considering the cost, demand and other internal and external environmental factors, fuzzy programming models were proposed to select the best combination of the suppliers and determine the order quantities. A hybrid intelligent algorithm, based on fuzzy simulation, genetic algorithm and neural network, was used to solve models. A numerical example was given to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed models.
    Crowd evacuation system simulation based on artificial potential field and Agent
    ZHANG Jun-na FAN Hai-ju
    2012, 32(06):  1753-1756.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01753
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (563KB) ( )  
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    The microscopic simulation model based on artificial potential field and Agent was proposed from the individual perspective to evacuate in fire environment. First, various factors of fire, doors, obstacles etc which can affect peoples’ behavior were quantified to construct artificial potential field system. Second, the individual was as object and movement direction can be determined through stress analysis. Finally after whether to open the exits and whether to involve personnel persuasion were compared, crowd evacuation was simulated reasonably. The evacuation system is realized based on Visual C++ and can be authentic to simulate the crowd evacuation process from the experimental results.
    Data fusion algorithm based on meanvalue iteration
    MAO Guan-lihua DU Chang-ping
    2012, 32(06):  1757-1759.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01757
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    Due to the multi-sensor communications and measurement data's uncertainty,and a multi-platform centralized algorithm of meanvalue iteration based on the traditional meanvalue is presented. This method utilizes the nearest neighbor analysis to have the measurement data correlation firstly,then utilizes the meanvalue algorithm to circularly replace the masurement data's maximum and minimum value,until it reaches the required precision to achieve the multi-platform data fusion.This method avoids complex computational process,increases computing speed,and also ensures results'precision.Finally,the simulation proves the validity of the method.
    Seam tracking algorithm based on multi-information sensor of vision and arc
    HU Hai-lin LI Jing LI Jian XU Zhong-lu ZHU Wei
    2012, 32(06):  1760-1765.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01760
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    Abstract: A seam tracking algorithm based on multi-information sensor of vision and arc is proposed. The algorithm is applied to the automatic control process of MIG pulse welding quality. This paper captures different description information for the effective feature extraction and transmission with the vision sensor and the arc sensor, and can be used in multi-sensor information fusion algorithm for seam tracking. The vision sensor obtains image information by industrial CCD for the lateral deviation control of the weld torch, the arc sensor obtains current information by data acquisition card for the height deviation control of the weld torch, The two kinds of sensor information in a complementary way to integrate for the lateral and height corrective control of the welding process. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can improve the welding quality, and thus verify the algorithm efficiency and rationality.
    Token-based cross domain single sign on
    WANG Guo-wei XUE Man-jun
    2012, 32(06):  1766-1768.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01766
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    To resolve the problems of cross domain identity authentication in single sign on, a solution based on token was proposed, which transmit the encrypted logon information of user through URL redirection, and then the application systems in heterogeneous domains get the information and response data operation. By using random digital number as token that can be act as the parameter to generate session key of traditional cryptosystem, the solution presents a method of mutual trust and security token transmission between application systems in heterogeneous domains through modern cryptosystem, in this method the application systems generate the session key by using token and encrypt/decrypt the user information, and each communication use different session key. The security analysis of the generation and transmission of token and key shows that the solution is a security implementation of identity authentication in cross domain single sign on.
    Fusion prediction of mine multi-sensor chaotic time series data
    MU Wen-yu LI Ru YIN Zhi-zhou WANG Qi ZHANG Bao-yan
    2012, 32(06):  1769-1773.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01769
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (827KB) ( )  
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    For single sensor data mining prediction problem of the existence of one-sidedness, proposed the multi-sensor data mining prediction model of combining of information fusion technology and phase-space reconstruction technology. A variety of underground sensors, including gas concentration, wind speed, temperature sensors, are fusion forecasted. To many types of sensor time series data for the study, the first using the method of information fusion, respectively, followed by all kinds of data sensor data level fusion, feature level fusion; Then using the method of correlation integral the integration of two sensor data, respectively, to determine the time delay τ and embedding dimension m two parameters for the reconstruction phase; Finally, combined with the techniques of multivariate phase space reconstruction, fusion phase space the various types of sensor data, using the predictive models based on the weight one-rank local-region of K-Means clustering of multi-sensor data. The data is from the coal mines in Shanxi Province and the New King Wu Yi mine, collection of nearly 20G data to the gas concentration, wind speed, temperature experiment three sensor data, the results show that: For the feature level fusion, the data every 15 minutes period of time after fusion to be effective as a measure of the characteristics of this period, after the prediction model calculations, compared with the time period ,5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, the error is minimum ESS=0.003, compared with the current minimum error value of 0.05, the error is greatly decreased, therefore, the integration forecasts’ better, it can more accurately predict the future after 15 minutes of sensor data, people have sufficient time to further provide for the safety assessment of underground basis for making decision.
    Out impedance optimization for bus converter in high-performance computer
    YAO Xin-an HU Shi-ping SONG Fei
    2012, 32(06):  1774-1777.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01774
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (713KB) ( )  
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    To solve system stability of high-performance computer powered by intermediate-bus distributed power system, the output impedance characteristics of three control schemes of bus converters were analyzed in detail, and the input impedance low-frequency value of point of load converter and the output impedance peak of bus converter were presented. Based on impedance criterion, the output impedance of bus converter was optimized. Then, the input and output impedance were measured by frequency response analyzer, which verified theoretical analysis. Experimental and application results show that output impedance optimization can effectively solve power system stability of high-performance computer.
    Texture design method of ceramic product based on genetic evolution
    ZHAN Qun DU Zhao-fang
    2012, 32(06):  1778-1781.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01778
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (628KB) ( )  
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    Concerning the difficulty in quantifying users affective factors in the ceramic product design, a texture design method of the ceramic product based on genetic evolution was proposed. First, by the research of the description approach for the material characterization of the ceramic product, the typical vocabularies of the sense image were clustered. Secondly, after the quantitative investigation to the customers sense about the product samples and the modeling of the sense image and product material characterization, the relationship of the customers perceptual cognition and the features of the ceramic product material were established. Finally, the evolutionary design of the ceramic product texture was actualized by the genetic algorithm. Through the method, the quantitative description of the users emotion in the ceramic design was achieved and an evolutionary design that satisfies the emotional goal was also given.
    Design and implementation of single sign-on system in regional health informatization
    LUO Jia-wei TANG Guo-ying
    2012, 32(06):  1782-1786.  DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2012.01782
    Asbtract ( )   PDF (756KB) ( )  
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    To address unified authentication and authorization, Single Sign-On (SSO) of multiple applications and that the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) model can not be directly applied to the SSO problems in regional health information platform, this paper proposed a method based on a combination of role group control strategy and JASIG-CAS unified identity authentication system. Central Authentication Service (CAS) server used MyBatis technology to effectively show the subsystem information. Axis2 was used between the various application systems to keep consistency of user information. Besides, the authors made use of Session to store each users permissions to reduce the frequency of database access, thus significantly improving the performance of the platform. The SSO system achieved functions including unified user management, uniform assignment of permissions, unified platform features and so on. At last, the professional pressure testing platform LoadRunner8.0 was applied to the test and analysis of performance. The testing results show the performance of the system is stable and the design of the platform is reasonable.
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