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Content distribution acceleration strategy in mobile edge computing

LIU Xing1,2, YANG Zhen1, WANG Xinjun2, ZHU Heng2   

  1. 1.School of Computer Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing 100876, China
    2.Uincom (Hunan) Industry Internet Research Institute, China United Network Communications Group Company Limited,HunanChangsha 410014, China
  • Received:2019-10-08 Revised:2019-11-29 Online:2020-05-10 Published:2020-05-15
  • Contact: LIU Xing, born in 1984, Ph. D., engineer. His research interests include mobile edge computing, mobile cloud computing, 5G industry applications.
  • About author:LIU Xing, born in 1984, Ph. D., engineer. His research interests include mobile edge computing, mobile cloud computing, 5G industry applications.YANG Zhen, born in 1975, Ph. D., associate professor. His research interests include mobile cloud computing, mobile multimedia, 5G industry applications.WANG Xinjun, born in 1975, M. S., engineer. His research interests include internet of things, mobile edge computing, 5G industry applications.ZHU Heng, born in 1982, M. S., engineer. His research interests include mobile edge computing, 5G industry applications.
  • Supported by:

    This work is partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (61173017), the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFB2100300), the 2018 Mobile Internet Development Special Foundation of Hunan Province.


柳兴1,2, 杨震1, 王新军2, 朱恒2   

  1. 1.北京邮电大学 计算机学院, 北京 100876
    2.中国联合网络通信集团有限公司 联通(湖南)产业互联网研究院, 长沙 410014
  • 通讯作者: 柳兴(1984—)
  • 作者简介:柳兴(1984—),男,湖南岳阳人,工程师,博士,主要研究方向:移动边缘计算、移动云计算、5G行业应用; 杨震(1975—),男,湖南常德人,副教授,博士,主要研究方向:云计算、移动多媒体、5G行业应用; 王新军(1975—),男,湖南娄底人,工程师,硕士,主要研究方向:物联网、移动边缘计算、5G行业应用; 朱恒(1982—),男,湖南衡阳人,工程师,硕士,主要研究方向:移动边缘计算、5G行业应用。
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Focusing on the content distribution acceleration problem in Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), with the consideration of the influence of MEC server storage space limitation on content cache, with the object obtaining delays of the mobile users as optimization goal, an Interest-based Content Distribution Acceleration Strategy (ICDAS) was proposed. Considering the MEC server storage space, the interests of the mobile user groups on different objects and the file sizes of the objects, the objects were selectively cached on MEC servers, and the objects cached on MEC servers were timely updated in order to meet the content requirements of mobile user groups as more as possible. The experimental results show that the proposed strategy has good convergence performance, which cache hit ratio is relatively stable and significantly better than that of the existing strategies. When the system runs stably, compared with the existing strategies, this strategy can reduce the object data obtaining delay for users by 20%.

Key words: 5G, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), content distribution, cache, acceleration, synchronization



关键词: 5G, 移动边缘计算, 内容分发, 缓存, 加速, 同步

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